“We are very devoted and vigilant about Horsemanship; Traditional, Classical Horsemanship.”     – Ted DeHass

Welcome To The Handy Horseman

Windy Hill Farm is devoted to preserving Classical/Traditional Horsemanship, proven through hundreds of years as the most effectively humane way to build trust, productivity, and meaningful companionship with horses of all kinds.  The following videos are FREE educational videos to help you through your horsemanship journey and get to know us better!  We hope you enjoy and benefit as much from these videos as we did in creating them.  Feel free to visit our Farm Website and our NEW Online Store that features quality horsemanship products recommended and/or designed by our very own Handy Horseman, Ted DeHass!  



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“You do not tame animals, you Earn their TRUST! – Ted DeHass

What is traditional horsemanship and Spanish vaquero? Find out from Ted DeHass, Owner of Windy Hill Farm, in this short podcast. Ted takes a deep dive into his schooling techniques and shares fascinating stories about Spanish vaquero. Check them out on social media (@Windy Hill Farm).

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“Our goal is to help you
put the puzzle together,
explore Horsemanship
and enjoy the journey;
to do it safely and practically.”
– Ted DeHass

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“Horsemanship is
to engage the horse’s MIND
with their BODY… but you can’t master a horse until you have mastered YOURSELF.” 

– Ted Dehass

“It’s not the barn, it’s the Horses in it that counts.”  
-Ted DeHass

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