h o r s e m a n ‘ s    g e a r    s t o r e

Tack by Ted DeHass

The soft Touch bit transition system was developed by Ted over many years of experience developing and schooling all types of horses.  The bits are hand made in USA using sweet iron and brass as mouth piece  with stainless cheeks.  The Horseman’s Halters are also hand tied in USA, using Military grade cord for halter and 12″ arbor rope for lead.
All bits are standard size 5″ custom sizing is available $15 extra per bit.
The Soft Touch Schooling halter is a special design by Ted to provide a softness and extra bend in your horse when doing in hand schooling.  It is also is designed to fit under the bridle to provide a “get down” rope.  This allows you to handle your horse without using the reins to tie or lead when riding.
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Your horse will serve you better when it is comfortable with your contact in it’s mouth.
The Soft Touch system is designed for the Horseman to ride their horse with feel not leverage and force.  You will enjoy how responsive and soft your horse can be if you develop softness.  This system has been proven successful over a lifetime of trial and error with thousands of horses of every discipline.  Enjoy the true essence of Horsemanship!

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